An aerial photo of the April 2024 Northern Sierra snowpack survey conducted by the California Department of Water 资源. 官员们确定,积雪量是一年中这个时候年平均水平的113%.



上世纪六七十年代,国家水利工程刚刚建成, 大都会成为该系统最大的承包商, 每年向我们的南加州服务区进口多达200万英亩英尺的水. 尽管SWP平均提供了该地区约30%的用水, the amount of water we have imported from Northern California from year to year has widely fluctuated over the past decade due to the rapidly changing climate and increasingly extreme weather patterns. Regulations designed to protect fish species and water quality also have played a role in the limited availability of SWP supplies that pass through the 萨克拉门托-圣华金三角洲.

Metropolitan is engaged in projects and re搜索 that promote the health and sustainability of this region and the vital estuary at its heart. 我们的行动是由我们的信念所引导的 《湾三角洲政策纲要,于2022年由董事会通过.

This graph depicts the extreme variability in 国家水利工程 deliveries to Metropolitan over the past 20 years.  在持续干旱期间,如2014年和2021-22年,产量尤其低.



平衡生态系统健康,供水可靠性 & 社区 

三角洲是加州供水系统的中心枢纽, 但它对我们的经济也至关重要, 许多濒临灭绝的本地鱼类和数百万加州人的生活质量. 平衡这些不同的利益是监管机构面临的挑战, 水资源管理者, biologists and many others interested in the health of the environment and our water delivery system.

的 amount of water that can be pumped out of the Delta 送到南方的城市和农场 every year depends not only on the amount of snowpack runoff from the Sierra Mountains, 也会影响三角洲的生态系统和渔业. 三十年来, regulators have increasingly restricted deliveries in an effort to protect endangered species in the Delta, 包括德尔塔的味道.

为了支持生态系统的健康,以及水的可靠性,大都会购买了一些 三角洲岛 in 2016. 作为一个负责任的地主和尽责的邻居, 我们致力于以科学为基础的流域管理, multi-benefit environmental initiatives and community-based partnerships with island stakeholders and throughout the region.




韦伯小路上野生动物的动态拍摄, 位于萨克拉门托-圣华金三角洲的大都会群岛之一.  三角洲是太平洋航线的一部分.



SWP供水系统的核心是三角洲, 一个复杂的水道网, 融化, 运河和岛屿, 加州最大的两条河流的淡水与太平洋的咸水交汇的地方. 但三角洲也面临风险.

堤坝易受海平面上升和地震的影响, more extreme weather patterns associated with climate change and the declining health of the Delta ecosystem all threaten the reliable delivery of water supplies through the Delta.

这张照片, 由加州水资源部提供, 描绘了萨克拉门托-圣华金三角洲最近的一次决口.



Extreme weather associated with climate change may severely reduce SWP supplies available to Metropolitan in future years. 现有的水质和最小流量规定意味着在严重干旱时期, 只有很少的SWP供应可以运往南加州.


Rising sea levels will not only put more pressure on the Delta’s dirt and peat levees; they also push seawater further into the Delta, 影响水质, 并威胁到将水从三角洲引到加州渡槽的取水泵, 送到南方的城市和农场. 这些堤坝仅高出海平面几英尺,因此尤其脆弱.


In the 1850s, the Delta was transformed from a marsh into farmland, using levees to hold back water. 这一活动暴露了泥炭土, 哪些正在迅速蒸发, causing land levels to drop and turning the islands into bowls entirely dependent on the levees for preservation. 随着下沉的继续, 堤坝上的水压增加了, 使它们面临更大的崩溃风险, 将海水引入三角洲的淡水通道.


由于这一地区有几处断层,美国的石油储备不足.S. 地质调查局估计发生6级地震的可能性为72%.7级地震将在未来30年内袭击旧金山湾区. 这可能导致沿1,三角洲群岛周围长达100英里的堤坝, allowing seawater to enter and render the freshwater that travels between the levees undrinkable for months, 甚至是几年.


许多濒危物种以三角洲为家. Regulators’ efforts to protect these species have largely focused on cutting back water exports from the SWP, although numerous scientific investigations have attributed the decline in the Delta’s ecosystem health to various causes.




政府. Gavin Newsom's 三角洲交通工具 Project proposes to modernize the state's water infrastructure in the Delta to increase water supply reliability for 27 million Californians.

拟建项目 is distinct from previous efforts to develop an alternative path to move water across the Delta region. 确定为宝达尼水库路线, the project would carry water from two new intakes on the Sacramento River in the north Delta and through a tunnel that nearly parallels Interstate 10 to the Bethany Reservoir situated at the start of the California Aqueduct.

拟建项目, 容量为6,000立方英尺每秒, 是否允许在特别潮湿的时期收集水供应. 在干燥和一般条件下, 国家项目的供应将继续通过三角洲地区, 就像他们188bet棋牌平台做的那样.

2023年12月,加州水资源部发布了其 最终环境影响报告 进行三角洲运输工程. 阅读都市的 声明 最终EIR的发布. 

Metropolitan’s board and water leaders across the state will use the state's Environmental Impact 报告 进行三角洲运输工程, 以及其他信息, 比如州政府的收益-成本分析, 决定如何最好地投资我们的资源,以应对气候变化, 同时也支持国家平等的保护目标, 恢复和加强三角洲生态系统. 

2024年5月16日,水利部发布了一份 成本估算和效益成本分析.大都会的声明.

到目前为止, Metropolitan’s board has voted to support funding the district’s share of environmental planning and pre-construction costs, 加入其他国家水利工程承包商. 董事会的 最近一次投票 是在2020年12月.

而DCP正在考虑中, 大都会一直在与三角洲地区的不同声音会面,包括非政府组织, 部落, academic and government agencies - to identify common interests and improve reliability in the Delta.




贝瑟尼水库的照片, 建议的三角洲运输工程的最佳路线是什么.  图片由加州水资源部提供.


在2020年1月启动环境审查程序后 EIR草案 于2022年7月发布以征求公众意见. 的 最终报告 是由加州水资源部于2023年12月发布的吗. This report evaluates and identifies potential environmental impacts of the proposed project and alternatives and will allow Metropolitan to conduct its own analyses and beginning in mid-2024 evaluate the potential costs and benefits of the project in support of our board’s decision-making process.

社区福利计划框架 是否包括在最终环境影响报告内, signaling DWR’s commitment to ensuring benefits for the Delta community and providing an opportunity for the public to comment on the concepts included in the framework.

通过最终EIR认证, the 社区 Benefits Program will officially become part of the proposed 三角洲交通工具 Project under consideration by Metropolitan’s board and other water leaders across the state.

在未来的几个月, DWR will negotiate permits in compliance with the California Endangered Species Act and federal Endangered Species Act, as well as a Change in Point of Diversion from the State Water 资源 Control Board to ensure the new north Delta intakes would be operated to meet current laws, 法规和保护.


站点水库是一个拟议的1.5 million acre-foot off-stream reservoir in the Sacramento Valley that would capture stormwater flows from the Sacramento River after all other water rights and regulatory requirements are met, 城市利益最大化, 农业社区和环境. 在南加州, 这就提高了干旱年份的供应可靠性, especially for our communities that are dependent on the 国家水利工程 as well as reduced risk of depleting Southern California’s groundwater supplies.

自2017年以来, 大都会投资了大约3100万美元用于规划, 场地水库的许可和环境审查188bet棋牌平台. 未来的任何投资都需要得到大都会董事会的考虑.