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Climate change presents a monumental challenge to the long-term reliability of Southern California's water supplies. 我们地区所依赖的每一个分水岭都变得越来越紧张,越来越不可靠. While Metropolitan has conducted long-range planning for its water resources portfolio since the mid-1990s with our Integrated Water 资源 Plan, we are updating our long-term projections to account for the complexities and uncertainties of climate change through our new Climate Adaptation Master Plan for Water.

In addition to adapting Metropolitan's water delivery and storage capabilities to meet the challenges posed by a changing climate, 作为一个组织,我们还承诺通过我们的产品来减少碳足迹 气候行动计划. 我们最近的 年度进度报告 highlights the strides we've made as an organization to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to remain on target for achieving carbon neutrality by 2045.


Extreme weather conditions in recent years - abruptly swinging the state from periods of severe and extended drought to record-setting wet seasons - have presented Southern Californians with an unsettling preview of the challenges ahead. There is no question that climate change is here and putting mounting pressure on the year-to-year management of our available water resources. 确保我们所服务的社区的供水持续可靠, 大都会正在制定我们的水资源气候适应总体规划. This comprehensive effort will provide the roadmap that will guide our future capital investments and business model as we confront our new climate reality in the years and decades ahead.

We are not starting from scratch. We are building on Metropolitan's 气候行动计划 为了减少我们的温室气体排放,以及我们为我们的 2020 IRP Regional Needs Assessment, 以及我们在制定创造性和合作性的区域解决方案以应对本地区面临的挑战方面发挥的主导作用.




A New Era of Collaboration & 订婚

A photo of Metropolitan 总经理 Adel Hagekhalil addressing the 营4W Joint Task Force during its first meeting in November 2023.

建立于近一个世纪前为不断发展的南加州带来了新的水源, Metropolitan has long been a leader in finding innovative long-term solutions that support our member agencies and the entire region. Given the magnitude and scope of climate change, 大都会对合作和建立共识的承诺比以往任何时候都更加重要.

As part of our 营4W process, 我们已经成立了一个由大都会董事会董事组成的联合188bet棋牌平台组, 地区成员机构的总经理和大都会的188bet棋牌平台人员. The Task Force is developing tools that Metropolitan’s board will use to make strategic investments amid the emerging impacts of climate change on our region.



  • 建立公开、透明的决策框架,跟踪进展情况;
  • Performance targets for major infrastructure and water resource management initiatives that help achieve a climate-resilient water supply portfolio for Southern California;
  • Criteria for evaluating and prioritizing investments; and
  • Strategic financing and business model alternatives.

营4W联合188bet棋牌平台组会议向公众开放,并在我们的 董事会的日历 网站, 在长期区域规划过程和商业模型小组委员会计划召开会议时.

Whatever is done should be done for the benefit of the whole, 任何有利于整体的事情都应该由部分人分享.” 

— W.P. Whitsett, Metropolitan's first board chair, 1930



Improving System Resilience
& 可靠性

The record-low water deliveries we received from the 国家水利工程 between 2020 and 2022 revealed a vulnerability in Metropolitan's regional water delivery system that impacted six of our 26 member agencies and nearly 7 million people. Due to constraints of the water delivery system, as well as limited access to other local supplies, 这些社区被迫依赖SWP的供水量大大减少. 大都会颁布 emergency drought reductions 确保这些社区有足够的水来度过极端干旱.

我们的董事会已经做出了决定 承诺 to address these inequities and fast-tracked a number of construction projects to improve water supply reliability for all member agencies. 到目前为止,我们已经从州政府获得了5000万美元,以帮助抵消这些项目的成本.

大都会还在分析其他长期改进,并将通过营4W流程进行评估. Our goal is to create a climate-resilient network of facilities that strengthens the reliability of our region's water supplies.

Expanding Our Water Resource Portfolio

未来的挑战要求我们更多地投资于本地供应和保护, 同时保护和扩大进口供水的使用范围.

几十年来,大都会一直通过政府的政策来激励当地的供应项目 本地资源计划, which offers financial incentives for member agencies to develop and expand the network of local resources across Southern California. This initiative has resulted in recycled water programs, groundwater storage initiatives and desalination projects.

Through our 营4W process, we are pursuing collaborative partnerships that will provide additional regional benefit at appropriate economies of scale. 例如,我们的 Pure Water Southern California 区域回收计划, a joint venture with Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, could become one of the world's largest water purification programs, producing up to 150 million gallons of new water supply daily. 另一个与羚羊谷-东克恩水务局合作开发 高沙漠水岸 能为大都会提供超过9100万加仑的额外存储空间, 每年有近2300万加仑的储量可供使用.

a photo of a directional sign leading to Metropolitan's Pure Water Southern California demonstration facility in Carson.


Ensuring Equity, Affordability & 财务可持续性

尽管许多加州人明白水的可靠性面临的挑战, most also are concerned about the cost of water. With particular attention to equity, affordability and financial sustainability, we're committed to offsetting the costs of our strategic climate adaptation investments through creative cost-sharing partnerships and the pursuit of additional state and federal funding. 自2022年以来, we've received more than $150 million in funding for projects that are giving us an early start on 营4W implementation.



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Visit this site for opportunities to join the conversation. Metropolitan is connecting with interested individuals and organizations during the 营4W process to share information and encourage input from the diverse Southern California communities we serve.